Here's that near perfect self stack that the line that Taylor is from is famous for! This is how she stands in the yard on her own! Taylor is sixteen months here.
Standing in the yard and Diesel happened to be close enough that he ended up in this picture. Taylor is fifteen months here and below, and Diesel is getting ready to turn eight years young on March 7, 2008!
Close up of Taylor's face to show how beautiful she is and the expression she always has on her face!!
Another candid shot of Taylor in the yard. She has always stacked herself since we got her and we have heard that the lines she comes from have a tendency to do this! Makes it easy to show train!
Practicing to be a show dog. Taylor is a week from 11 months here and below.
She has discovered the slide in the yard and thinks she's now the "queen of the slide".
Having fun on the slide!!
Self stacking in the yard. She is 6 1/2 months here and below.
Self stacking in the yard again. She is displaying typical "Night Stalker" behavior in these pictures (which is a really good thing!!) by self stacking. It's not perfect, but she's giving it a try.
Extreme close up of Taylor's face.
Playing with a huge stick in the yard.
She is SO cute!!
What a beautiful head and front!!
In motion with a toy.
Another candid shot in the yard. LOVE the wrinkles on her head!!
Candid shot in the yard. She is SO regal!!