Raw Feeding and Diet

Here at Epiphany Mastiffs we feed our dogs a prey-model diet that is designed to closely mimic what they would eat in the wild. As a result, they eat mostly raw meat and bones.

We feed each adult dog 2-3% of their estimated adult body weight per day broken into two feedings. More active dogs might need a little more and lazy dogs might need a little less. We also try to make sure that each dog gets some liver or other organ meat every week.

Our Mastiffs are fed a variety of meat and bones, including chicken quarters, pork neckbones, turkey necks, eggs broken with the shell, chicken backs, ground beef, turkey wings, chicken livers, pigs feet, whole chickens, beef liver, pig tails, chicken gizzards, beef hearts, chicken hearts, chicken thighs, canned mackerel, turkey legs, and more. We don't put any of this through a food processor. We mix it in bowls and give it to them.

By shopping around you can find a decent variety of meats without breaking the bank.

We wean our puppies on ground meat and bone (mostly chicken necks). Before long, the puppies will be eating whole chicken thighs.

Raw bones are safe... cooked bones are not.

Click here to see videos of our Mastiffs eating raw!

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