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Questionnaire for Epiphany Mastiffs

Thank you for your interest in a puppy from Epiphany Mastiffs! Please fill out and submit the online questionnaire below. We promise that we will not share your information with anybody, we will only use it to determine that a Mastiff puppy is suitable for you and your family.

Your first and last name, and the name of any other persons in your household. Please include the ages of any children:
Your e-mail address (and website address if you have one):
Your telephone number. We will call you via telephone after review of your application, and we have had a chance to check references.
Street Address:
City of Residence:
Zip Code:
How long have you lived at this address?
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, do you have a lease agreement that allows you to have pets, and does it limit the size?
Please describe your home. Single family home? Attached home/row house/townhouse? Stairs?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Please describe the fencing if any. Please describe the size of your yard too.
At what age do you feel children are responsible enough to take care of a pet without assistance? (ie: walk, feed, train)
Do you have any other dogs or pets and if so, what breeds and ages, neutered or spayed? If not neutered or spayed, why not?
Are you aware of the life expectancy of the breed of dog you're applying to add to your family?
Are you aware of the health problems common to the breed of dog?
Have you ever returned a dog to the breeder, or the person you got it from?
Which of the following circumstance(s) would cause you to return your pet?
Ownership history of dogs: choose only one answer
Does everybody in your household want to have a Mastiff as a pet?
What made you choose a Mastiff for your family?
Have you ever owned a Mastiff before? If so, from who did you purchase your Mastiff and when?
Have you ever met a Mastiff in person? What kind of research have you done about the breed?
How soon do you want to add a Mastiff to your family?
How important is a neat house to you and every member of your household?
Do you want a puppy with show potential or do you want strictly a companion dog?
Do you want a male or a female puppy?
What are your goals and expectations for your puppy?
Are you willing to enroll your puppy in an obedience class or puppy kindergarten?
What plans will you make to socialize your puppy the first 2 years of his/her life?
What kind of vehicle do you drive? Would you be willing to purchase a ramp or some form of step for the Mastiff to use to get in and out of a high vehicle?
Where would the puppy spend his or her time days/nights?
Is someone home during the day at your house?
What arrangements will be made for the puppy while you are at work?
Please describe the living situation for the puppy - specifically how many hours daily would the puppy be left alone?
Are you willing to provide us (the breeders) with regular updates on the health and well-being of the Mastiff, and are you willing to provide updated pictures to us for the life of the Mastiff?
Name and contact information for your Veterinarian. If you do not currently have pets, please list the last Vet you used. ** NOTE:** Please notify your Vet that we will be contacting them so that they may give us any necessary information to determine your suitability to own a Mastiff.
Please list THREE personal references that is not a member of your immediate family (if you already have a Veterinarian you can count this as one) with their addresses and phone numbers. We need to know what your relationship is to the references and how long they have known you. These personal references will be contacted.
How did you hear about Epiphany Mastiffs?
Do you have any specific questions or comments for us? (optional)

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