Marshall lived up to his name "Epiphany's Overnight Sensation" and became an AKC Champion on November 1, 2008!!! He finished his Championship after winning at his FOURTEENTH AKC show, and in less than eight months!!!! We showed him for the fist time on March 21, 2008 at AKC shows, and he won seven of his last ten shows until he finished!!! All of his wins came from the Bred By Exhitor Class which earned him a special Medallion from the AKC!!! It also entitles him to get invited to the prestigious AKC Eukanuba dog show!!!! Now his name will read AKC/UKC CH Epiphany's Overnight Sensation!!! We are VERY proud of him and his show accomplishments!!!!!
Placing Winners Dog, Best of Winners AND Best of Breed at the Shawnee Kennel Club show in Berryville, VA on July 12, 2008 at thirteen months under AKC Judge Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pede from the Bred By Exhibitor Class!!!
Placing Reserve Winners Dog to a 5 point major over adult males at the VA Kennel Club show in Richmond, VA on June 21, 2008!! Thank you to AKC Judge Joe Tacker for picking our boy! Marshall is thirteen months here!
Nice level top line! He had "set himself up" in the yard and we got a picture. Not bad without putting too much effort into it!! Marshall is ten months here and in the pictures below.
Side profile picture. Such a pretty boy!!
Standing in the yard... that's a wooden cut out Mastiff that we have attached to our fence that can be seen directly behind him! Marshall is nine months here and below.
Straight on picture with nice pigment showing through his coat. He looks so much like his mommy in the face!!
UKC CHAMPION AT 8 1/2 MONTHS ON FEBRUARY 3, 2008!!!! This was Marshall's first time ever in the show ring, and he became a UKC Champion in ONE weekend with Tracy owner handling!!! All of his wins came from the Breeder-Handler class!!! Thank you to UKC Judge Betty Umberto Wells for finishing his Championship that weekend!! His name is quite fitting because he IS an OVERNIGHT SENSATION!!!!

** Photo by Hal Davis, DaBro Photos. **

Practicing to be a show dog. Great conformation!! Marshall is five months here and below.
Such a pretty face!!
That chest and those thick legs!! He is SO pretty!!
Marshall likes to play in the water!! Nicole like to play in the water too, but she's watching him here instead of participating... this time... ha ha ha ha! Marshall and Nicole are 18 weeks here and below.
"That was fun and now I have a mud butt!!"
"Can we do that again?? I had fun making a mess in the water!!! I even got water on the camera lens!!"
What a chest and such thick legs!! Learning to be a show dog in the living room. Marshall is 17 weeks here and below.
So attentive and a really good listener!!
Just standing in the yard and he looks like a show dog all by himself without any help!
Hanging out on the comfy bed with a pile of toys.
He thinks we can't see him laying on the big stuffed Mastiff! He does blend in quite well here!
Practicing to be a show dog! Marshall is 14 weeks here and below.
Such a happy boy!! Sitting in the yard by the Bulldog statue.
Just chillin' out. Marshall is 13 weeks here and below.
Watching everything going on around him like he does. He is a very quiet, observant and calm boy!
Our little handsome guy!! Marshall is 11 weeks here and below.
What a head and face!!
Six and a half weeks old on July 1, 2007 here and in the picture right below.
Learning to be a show dog. Nice thick legs!!
Marshall at five weeks. Learning to stand in a way that was strange to him.
Marshall at three weeks old. Awesome pigment!!
Marshall at ten days. So dark!! Awesome pigment!
Introducing our pick male from our May 17, 2007 litter... Marshall!! Four days young.