AKC/UKC CH Epiphany's Overnight Sensation CGC, TDI
5/17/2007 - 1/16/2010

This page is about a puppy that was one of our pick males from our litter of thirteen puppies that was born on May 17, 2007. His name is Epiphany's Overnight Sensation "Marshall". He is from a breeding we did between CH Night Stalker Prairie Buffalo Geronimo "Geronimo" and our girl Woodmark Epiphany World Shaker "Edie". When he was five weeks Rick Cisneros picked him out as the male that "stuck out like a sore thumb" after watching him run around in the yard. He had a wide typey skull that he was growing into, thick legs, great length of body, huge bone, a deep wide chest, nice angles, a level top line, wide rear and he moved like a dream! He was a very regal and stoic boy, and often had a serious look on his face even though he was the sweetest boy you could ever meet! He went into a show ring with the attitude that every person in the building was there to see him!! He was a very confident dog and it showed, but he loved to play and lay around in the house when he wasn't at a dog show. His name was very fitting for him because he was our Overnight Sensation!!

Marshall lived up to his name and became an AKC Champion on November 1, 2008!!! He finished his Championship after winning at his FOURTEENTH AKC show after showing him less than eight months!!!! We showed him for the first time on March 21, 2008 at AKC shows, and he won seven of his last ten shows until he finished!!! All of his wins came from the Bred By Exhitor Class which earned him a special Medallion from the AKC!!! It also entitled him to get invited to the prestigious AKC Eukanuba dog show!!!! He also earned his Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International titles the first time we tested him. He never got to do any therapy visits though because he passed away one week before we received his paperwork in the mail.

On January 16, 2010 we went out for a few hours to run errands and came home to find Marshall lying on his bed in our bedroom not breathing or moving. He had passed away from bloat. He was perfectly fine when we left. This was the most shocking and devastating thing to come home to! We feel so guilty because we weren't here to help him when he needed us. His litter mate brother Matthew was in our bedroom with Marshall when he passed away and was helpless to do anything to help his brother. We feel so sorry for Matthew to have had to endure watching the passing of his best buddy.

We knew Marshall was a special boy very early in his life. There was something about him that we can't put our finger on that made him special, but he was very unique and very special. If you ever got the chance to meet him in person, you know what we're talking about. He was a true Gentle Giant, a one of a kind dog and will be missed here at Epiphany Mastiffs more than words can say!!

He was a very spirited boy, had the perfect Mastiff temperament and personality. He truly was a fine example of the breed. He had all the confidence in the world, loved life, loved to entertain us with his shenanigans like jumping and bucking in the air to show his happiness (he was happy all the time, so we got to see that a lot), loved everybody he met, loved the show ring and had the "show attitude" too! He is our first Bred By Exhibitor Champion.

He had a special gift that we have never had a dog have before. He knew when somebody was sad, or had an illness. He would do whatever he could to make that person feel better by getting very close to their face, usually nose to nose and give them a very gentle kiss and we were very looking forward to taking him to nursing homes because of this gift he had.

Marshall sired a litter with our girl Taylor that was born in October 2009 that he loved very much and we kept three of the offspring from that litter, and we are grateful that we have his offspring to carry on his legacy. We are proud to have been Marshall's parents his whole life, and are proud of the many achievements he accomplished in the short time he was here on earth!! He will be in our hearts forever! Until we meet again... rest in peace Marshall.

Marshall's show record until the day he became a Champion:

His fifth time in an AKC show ring at thirteen months on July 12, 2008 Marshall placed WINNERS DOG, BEST OF WINNERS AND BEST OF BREED from the Bred By Exhibitor Class at the Shawnee Kennel Club show in Berryville, VA with Tracy owner handling!!! Marshall got his first point towards his AKC Championship at this show!!

He became a UKC CHAMPION AT 8 1/2 MONTHS ON FEBRUARY 3, 2008!!!! This was Marshall's first time ever in the show ring, and he became a UKC Champion in ONE weekend with Tracy owner handling!!! All of his wins came from the Breeder-Handler class!!! He acted like he enjoyed being a show dog!!!

DOB: 05/17/2007
CERF: NORMAL # MF-3503 03/21/2008
OFA: Prelim

Marshall's visual pedigree is:

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