Epiphany World Shaker
7/5/2005 ~ 1/24/2013

Edie was our pick puppy that was sired by our boy CH Diesel of Safe Haven "Diesel". She came from a large litter that was very consistent, had excellent conformation and great temperaments. It was extremely hard to make our decision when we went to pick out our puppy because the entire litter was so wonderful! When we were picking which gorgeous puppy we wanted, she kept going to Tracy as if to say "I want to go home with you". We couldn't help but choose her! Edie had wonderful bone, structure, angulation and type that she passed down to her offspring and grandchildren who we still have some of them here.

On January 24, 2013 Edie left us to go be with her son Marshall and her daddy Diesel who passed away before she did. The night before she ate her dinner like usual but we could tell something just wasn't right so we planned to take her to the Vet the next morning. We got up and she still didn't seem to be feeling well so we let her go outside with everybody like every other day. She went out, walked far away from the house in the front yard and laid down but we told her to come back inside. We started getting ready so we could leave and hopefully make her better. She came in and laid down in front of the washer which she normally didn't do. Candi walked over to her and the look in her eyes told us she was leaving right then. Candi sat down on the floor with her, tried to comfort her, said goodbye, and gave her a kiss. Edie took a breath and looked up then passed away with her head in Candi's hands.

Edie was the sweetest girl and lived up to her nickname we gave her "Edie the sweetie" her whole life! She got along with everybody here and helped us raise any puppies we had even though they weren't hers. She was gentle, loving, nurturing, affectionate, reliable and loved with all her heart. She loved to go on walks with us on the trail we have that goes around our property and also loved to walk with Tracy off lead to the end of our driveway and check the mail with him. Edie loved when we had birthday parties, especially when they were for her because she knew that day was about her! She enjoyed being home in front of the fireplace even if it wasn't lit or on the couch more than anything so we didn't force her to show but when we did she enjoyed doing it! She won Brood Bitch both times we entered her at supported entry shows and loved all the attention she got in the show ring.

We're grateful we got to have her as a part of our lives for as long as we did even though now that she's gone the time we had her in our lives seems it was short. She was our Brood Bitch who got us to where we are today and the Matriarch of our four legged family who is and will be missed. She gave us so much and we will never forget our sweet Edie.

DOB: 07/05/2005
CERF: NORMAL # MF-3156 05/27/2006
Patellas: NORMAL OFA# MF-PA1338/12F/P-PI
Cardiac: NORMAL OFA# MF-CA1247/12F/C-PI

Click here to see pictures of Edie while she was a part of our lives.