Eight and a half years young!! Taken on August 16, 2008 while he was exploring the yard... or is he "patrolling" the yard?? No-one knows but Diesel!!
Hanging around on some tree roots. Diesel is 6 years here and in the picture below.
After an ice storm we had in Virginia on February 23, 2006. Diesel really seems to love to be in the yard after it snows or we have ice!!
A close up photo of Diesel's magnificent head that we took when we were at a dog show hanging around. He had climbed up on the concrete bench with Tracy. Diesel is almost 4 years here.
Just watching the yard on February 9, 2004. Diesel really seems to love to be in the yard when it's cold outside! He is almost 4 years here.
"Hello up there on the deck."
Scenes in our yard from the first winter storm of 2004 in Virginia on January 25th after going to a show in Ladson, S.C. where Diesel had won really big!! Tracy could not see the road most of the time and saw 27 seperate accidents on the side of the road. It was horrible, but they both arrived home safely.
"Chilling"- literally! He chose to lay in the snow. We didn't make him.
When we travel to show Diesel, he gets his own bed in the hotel. He is SO nervous! Does it show at all?? At the Winston-Salem, N.C. show on December 5, 2003.
Practicing to be a show dog. Diesel is three years here.