CH Diesel of Safe Haven 3/7/2000 - 1/14/2009

HIPS: OFA# Fair MF-6206F61M-PI 4/25/2005

ELBOWS: Normal OFA# MF-EL3021M61-PI 4/25/2005

PATELLAS: Normal OFA# MF-PA1336/76M/P-PI

BRUCELLOSIS: Negative 9/22/2005

CYSTINURIA: Negative #1850

PRA: DNA Normal

Click here to see Diesel's pedigree. All Champions are listed in red.

** NOTE: Diesel is no longer available at stud to outside bitches. He is not available for frozen breedings to outside bitches either. **

Diesel was very outgoing, playful and friendly, was always happy, had a perfect Mastiff temperament as well as appearance and conformation! He had a very sound and solid body, a beautiful typey head, nice thick bone, a level topline, beautiful movement, great pigment, a great front and a perfect bite. He also has an excellent pedigree including the Winners of 7 National Specialties!

He won his first time we took him out showing, and finished his Championship in 9 months (24 shows) with Tracy owner handling him! He took Best of Breed multiple times after we made him a Champion in 2004!!! We brought Diesel out of retirement in 2007 to show him in Veteran classes. He was shown five times at Supported entry shows under AKC Mastiff Breeder Judges, including a Judge from Ireland. He won four out of the five times and finished the year with a BIG BANG!!!

We brought him out again in late 2008 to show as a Veteran at the Tidewater Kennel Club show in VA Beach, VA on December 13, 2008. He won BEST VETERAN and then went on to win BEST OF BREED!!! At that show he also made the cut in Group!!!

Sadly however, Diesel passed away one month and two days later on January 14, 2009. We are proud to have had him as a part of our lives as long as we did. He taught us so many things about Mastiffs that we will never forget. For example, he taught us how to show a dog, and he taught us what a true dignified, regal, loyal, devoted Mastiff is.

He will be missed for the many things he did that made him who he was. He would patiently wait for one of us to get off the couch at night so he could lay on it for the night (such a gentleman!), how he would only carry a toy in his mouth when he was heading out the door because he was "too dignified" to play with toys like the "younger children" here and how he loved to wear party hats and seemed so proud to be a part of our silliness when we would have birthday parties.

There are so many things about him that will be missed. We are proud to have called Diesel ours for so many years. He had such a kind and gentle soul and will be missed here more than words can say. We will never forget our sweet angel Diesel and all the things that made him who he was! Our house is not the same right now, and it won't be for quite a while. His legacy lives on though through his offspring that we have here at our home, and he will be in our hearts forever! Until we meet again... rest in peace Diesel.

Diesel's wins after coming out of retirement in 2007 were:

  • Best Veteran Dog out of an entry of 136 Mastiffs at the prestigious Bucks County Kennel Club supported entry under UK breeder Judge Sarah Windham of Falmorehall Mastiffs (Ireland)! For her critique about him she wrote "VETERANS 1st - C & T Thore's CH Diesel of Safe Haven At 7 years or thereabouts, I feel this dog could yet continue to sire very typey progeny. With a super body and exceptionally strong rear coupled with a well formed head and this hard to come by expression, could one do wrong? No problem on the move."

  • Best Veteran under AKC Mastiff Breeder Judge Mrs. Catherine "Cat" Angus on September 8, 2007 at the Somerset Hills Kennel Club supported entry!!! Diesel was then one of the two dogs that made the cut for best of breed in an entry of 54 Mastiffs!!! Mrs. Angus told Tracy and Rick Cisneros while they were waiting to take his winning picture that "Diesel was the best veteran that she had seen in a long time."!! What a nice compliment that she gave him and we thank her for what she said!!!

  • Earlier that same day Diesel had won Best Veteran in Sweepstakes under Jessica Bahlman!!! Ms. Bahlman said this about diesel in her critique "Veteran Sweepstakes 7 Years & Under 9 Years Dogs Ch. Diesel Of Safe Haven - Beautiful, correct head. Broad skull and muzzle, square and correct in proportion. Good Pigment. Great length of body, huge bone, and well angulated. Lovely side gait with good extension..."

  • Three weeks after winning at Somerset he was best Veteran Dog under AKC Mastiff Breeder Judge Mr. William E. Hempel on September 30, 2007 at the Old Dominion Kennel Club supported entry show with a huge entry of Mastiffs!!!

Enough great things cannot be said about our boy Diesel!! He was just superb!!! We want to thank Rick Cisneros of Night Stalker Mastiffs for the great job he did showing Diesel to his big wins after he came out of retirement in 2007 to show as a Veteran.

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