Candi congratulating Chelsea by shaking her hand at her Puppy Education graduation!!
Having a special moment together making sure Chelsea wasn't nervous about her graduation! Yeah right, like she was nervous!!
The Puppy Education graduating class of November 13, 2011. Way to go everybody that graduated with Chelsea!!
"Hand??" Wanna play Daddy??"
"Seriously, you just said THAT to me???"
"I love you Daddy and forgive you for what you said to me a few minutes ago!!"
MORE TOYS!!! Yep, we bought Chelsea some more toys for graduating!!! She got some from her instructor Liz for graduating and a box of cookies from her too!! Plus, we got a PINK Biscuit Buddy for Candi to use when training Chelsea!!
At class when we basically went there straight from the show in VA Beach, VA. She's REALLY good at "watch me"!!!
"Again with the camera???"
Just watching Daddy and waiting her turn to do the exercise we were working on.
Comfy or what???
Close up and plus couldn't resist this one because it was very funny to see her sleeping like this!!
"Could I please please pretty please have that treat, Daddy??"
Doing stackies with Daddy despite the fly on her side! Such a GOOD girl and putting up with ANYTHING we do to her, all good things of course!!!
Hanging in the yard with of her bestest friend Charlotte in the whole world. Well, one of her bestest friends!
** Charlotte's rear really isn't that high, she was standing on uneven ground. **
Just hanging around in the yard.
Ahhh... napping on her favorite spot, the couch!
Couldn't resist this one because her lips were spread out by themselves.
Country living is starting to take her over!
"What stick hanging out of my mouth??"
How do they get into these positions and sleep so comfortably??
Her teacher Liz really seems to love her!!
Tracy teaching her down in class.
While teaching her loose lash walking with sit a customer wanted to see our beautiful baby girl.
"Watch me" which she's REALLY good at doing because she knows there's going to be a treat and she's so smart!!! Getting ready to have her sit...
There it is, the treat for sitting!!! Nom... Nom... Nom!!
And of course after getting home she has to play on her bed with the new festive toys she got at Pet Smart for being such a good girl in class!!
Doing some show practice in the yard with Tracy and loving the treats she's getting because she's so food motivated!!! Love her rear angles, thick bone, dark pigment and her level topline!!!
After doing our training homework... WHEW!! It's tough being her apparently because she sleeps so hard!!
Paying attention to what she's going to be doing in class with Tracy holding onto her.
Exhausted after a hard day at class and after eating her lunch!!
A Princess like her can never have enough toys as far as we're concerned!!! After her first puppy class we bought her a bunch of ORANGE toys because we don't think she has enough toys!
Tracy and his "little" girl at her first puppy class on October 9, 2011.
Playing show girl with Tracy. She hasn't forgotten what her Grand-Mommy M.C. taught her, but then again we're not letting her forget all that she learned before coming to VA to live with us because we work with her every day!
She found a new spot to relax and there wasn't anymore room between her, the wood holder that has newspapers in it right now, the bed, and the fireplace!!
Seriously, does this girl know how to relax or what??
A beautiful Princess on her throne of stuffed toys taking a nap and very comfy!!! Taken the day she turned 10 weeks on September 23, 2011.
Practicing to be a show girl with Tracy. She loves to practice because she gets spoonfuls of yogurt and other yummy treats! We love a food motivated Mastiff!! She is 9 weeks here on September 18, 2011.
Such a serious expression. She's a very observant girl and likes to watch things going on around her. She is 9 weeks here on September 18, 2011.
Love her face!!! She is 9 weeks here on September 18, 2011.
Giving our girl Taylor a kiss and getting to know her a couple of days after she came to live with us, and also getting to know her daddy Tracy too. Chelsea is 8 1/2 weeks here and Taylor is almost 5 years.
LOVE the deep rich red color of her coat, the pigment she has, the thick arms and bone, and that face!! Sitting so pretty in the yard on September 14, 2011 the day she came home from Cape Cod, MA when it was getting dark outside.
"I want to climb in your lap, Mommy!!!" Playing in the Pet Relief area at the Richmond International Airport on September 14, 2011 with Candi.
Getting to know her daddy Tracy at the Richmond International Airport on September 14, 2011.
In the Pet Relief area that the Richmond airport has set up. Her first pee pee in VA after arriving. Such a good girl who didn't have any accidents on the flight home from Boston on Sept. 14, 2011!!
In the Sherpa bag that M.C. loaned us so that Candi could bring her home in the airplane from Boston on September 14, 2011. Tracy met Candi and Chelsea at the airport and was carrying her after we landed because she sure was heavy! He was buying Candi a really cool shirt at the airport and she was peeking her head out of the bag! Couldn't resist this face shot of her beautiful face!! She is 8 1/2 weeks here.
"MMMM!!! That was good!!" Licking her lips after getting all those yummy treats for being such a good girl during show training.
Taking a break during her show training.
She does LOVE her food!!!
Early show training at 7 weeks young with M.C. before she came to live with us.
Just watching what's going on around her like she loves to do! 6 1/2 weeks young.
Mush mouth!! She ate so much she couldn't even walk away from the bowl so she laid down and went to sleep!!! 3 weeks young.
Taking a nap on a rug that matches her coat pretty nicely!! 3 weeks young.
REALLY snuggling with her mommy Parsnip!!! 2 weeks young.
Snuggling with her mommy Parsnip when she was 2 weeks young.
One of the first pictures that M.C. took of Chelsea before she came to live in VA at Epiphany Mastiffs! Before she came to live with us her name was Rutabaga because the litter was Veggie theme named, and to match the color of her collar. She is 2 weeks young in this picture.